What is the Perception Analyser

The Perception Analyser is an interactive, electronic data collection approach that allows clients to view quantitative survey results in real-time. Research participants convene at a central location & are given small, hand-held devices that allow them to respond to quantitative questions or other stimuli, such as television commercials, shown on a screen or other media. Participants respond to questions as they would a typical survey but unlike an online, telephone, or face-to-face survey, all participants respond simultaneously. This allows us to graphically display the results to clients who may be watching in a viewing room.

What type of questions can be posed in a Perception Analyser session?

Any typical quantitative question can be included in a Perception Analyser session. In previous studies, we have employed a variety of questions including dichotomous response questions, likert scales, rating scales, & demographic questions. Any question that can be coded can be included.

What are the benefits of the Perception Analyser?

In our experience, research participants are far more engaged in a Perception Analyser session than a typical online, telephone, or face-to-face survey. Participants enjoy using an electronic device to respond to questions, particularly those involving visual stimuli. The communal atmosphere also adds to the enjoyment which ultimately leads to more thought-out answers & thus more valid data.

In many cases we have also conducted focus groups directly after a Perception Analyser session. This means we can explore group responses directly after the question session. The ability to view & analyse results in real time has previously allowed us to construct groups based on the responses they’ve given. For example, in one study, we divided the participants into two groups based on whether they ‘liked’ or ‘disliked’ the product concept showed to them in the session. This ability allows us to construct a better understanding of why people respond the way they do.

What kinds of research projects are best suited to the Perception Analyser?

The combination of focus groups with the Perception Analyser lends itself to many different applications. In the past we have used this approach to explore marketing problems such as:

  • Product feature development
  • Value proposition development & testing
  • Understanding buyer decision making behaviour
  • Advertising development & testing