ChantLink is a boutique market research & strategy consultancy that provides bespoke solutions for commercial & government organisations. We specialise in complex & challenging marketing problems & offer a comprehensive range of research services, from advanced quantitative methods to in-depth qualitative techniques.

Our focus is on learning: learning your business, learning your challenges, learning about you. That’s how we’ve become one of Australia’s leaders in research consulting.

Our History

ChantLink was founded in 1989 by Graham Chant & Peter Link. Their idea was simple: research that was useful, actionable, & relevant. ChantLink was amongst the first in Australia to employ choice modelling techniques & one of the few that has developed sophisticated models of interviewing. We employ highly skilled, post-graduate qualified consultants who manage the project from start to finish.

Our Difference

Our philosophy is straightforward: the better we can understand your issues, the better we can help you to overcome them. To do this our approach is to:

  • Learn as much about your business, products & people as we can
  • Take the time to develop a tailored approach to problems
  • Workshop projects with you in depth before they begin
  • Ensure that while one person manages the project all the way through, a team of at least two is involved in all projects
  • Ensure all our people have broad expertise across both qualitative & multivariate statistical procedures. This ensures the capacity to generate research designs that will truly address the client’s problem.
All of ChantLink’s consultants are post-graduate qualified & have experienced in designing, implementing & managing both qualitative & quantitative projects. This means that each of us have the ability to design & manage the right methodology to address your needs. We have no junior staff which means every person you deal with is experienced & knowledgeable. Most importantly, we love what we do.

Marketing Research & Strategy

ChantLink are a full service agency, meaning we are highly skilled in both qualitative & quantitative methods. There’s no such thing as one ‘perfect method’ & as such we stay on top of all forms of data collection & analysis.
We specialise in keeping things simple, making it easier for you & your stakeholders. Meaning the only thing you have to think about is the challenges you face. The types of challenges that we can help you with include:
  • Drivers & measures of customer satisfaction
  • Brand health, positioning, & brand tracking
  • B2B & B2C segmentation
  • Buyer behaviour & decision making analysis
  • Product & concept development
  • Advertising development & evaluation
  • Organisational culture examination
  • Pricing strategy

Quantitative techniques

Our senior consultants are experts in:

  • Latent class analysis
  • Choice modelling & conjoint analysis
  • Structural equation modelling
  • Discriminant analysis
  • Factor analysis
  • Questionnaire construction & design

Qualitative techniques

Our senior consultants are highly experienced in:

  • Discussion (focus) group moderation
  • Conflict group moderation
  • Depth interviews
  • The Delphi approach

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Contact Information

  • Address: St Kilda West, Victoria 3182, Australia
  • PO Box: PO Box 2184
  • Telephone:61(0) 417 522 505
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